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One-handed Bandaid Stickers.
Visible. Easy. Fun.

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Crafted for you

We present to you innovative bandaid stickers specially handcrafted to help you heal faster.

1. Always accessible

Find them easily when you need them.

2. Convenient to use

Peel off bandaids like stickers using tabs.

3. Multiple sizes

Heal small/big wounds with multiple bandaid shapes and sizes.

4. Colorful and fun

Give your wounds the attention they deserve.

5. Protected & Sterile

Protect your wounds from infections.

Product details

VIZI is designed, keeping your budget in mind, that a single sheet would meet every customer’s needs. But, the design is so tempting why would you not buy more?


13.5 X 10 inch bandaid poster - one size fits all.

44 bandaids per sheet.

Protective sterile covering for each bandaid.

Pull tabs for easy dispensing of bandaids.

Cross, circular and regular shape bandaids.


As our first valued customers, we are indebted to you. You can now own VIZI at a discounted price of only

$ 9.99 per sheet

How it works

With VIZI you no longer have to dig for bandaids and deal with difficult packaging. You can use it in just 3 steps wherever and whenever you want.

1. Stick the poster

Stick the poster in the house on any flat surface using wall friendly mounting tape.

2. Peel the bandaid

Peel the bandaid using the easy to pull tabs.

3. Apply the bandaid

Apply the bandaid to the wound and peel-off the sterile seal.

Where can you use VIZI

VIZI is designed to be out where you need it the most. Here are some common places where you could put VIZI for your convenience.

Medicine Cabinet


Back of first aid kits

Woodcutting/Metal cutting workshops

Pediatric clinics


Meet the Team

Team VIZI represents six innovators who have set out on a campaign to make the world a better place. Join hands with us to heal faster.

Akshay Potnis - School of Information
Brandon Hodges - Ross School of Business
Dan Bellomo - Ross School of Business
Mary Molepske - College of Engineering
Mihir Sheth - College of Engineering
William Hammond - Stamps School of Art and Design

The Story of VIZI

Meet Booboo.
Lives a happy life in San Jose, California with his mom and younger brother. Booboo now receives the sympathy that he deserves for his cuts and scrapes, thanks to VIZI. He is no more afraid of getting hurt as when he does, he proudly flaunts his star wars themed VIZI bandaids.

Here is how VIZI made Booboo’s life easier.

I can find them :)

Before, Booboo could never find bandaids when he actually needed them. He used to get very frustrated digging through his medicine cabinet in search of a bandaid. When he finally found them he continued to be frustrated as he needed to remove them from the box, remove them from their individual sleeves and finally remove those annoying, little plastic pieces. His life was a mess.

Now with VIZI, his bandaids are always in a convenient to find location. Booboo just now needs to peel the bandaid off the sheet and apply it to his wound.

Only 3

steps to put the poster up on the wall.

Only 1

step to put the bandaid on.

No more fear while chopping food.

His mom cooks delicious food but gets cuts while chopping. Booboo wants to do something about this.

Tada !!! Booboo applies a VIZI bandaid sheet to the kitchen cabinet. Now Booboo’s mom can quickly and easily grab a bandaid when she needs it! Her cuts heal nicely with the loving care of VIZI. The love puts a smile on her face and her food is now even more delicious.

BooBoo is really happy to see his mom smiling.

Give your wounds the attention they deserve

Well, we have many things to worry about. We know that and hence we bring you VIZI. These days our dear friend Booboo is really happy and is a frequent user of VIZI.

We care about you. Let us help heal you in the most innovative and fun way possible.

Thank you for choosing VIZI. Just peel it to heal it.