a new way to wash up

For the over 40MM Americans who are limited to the use of only one hand, getting a deep clean for their hand is a difficult task. At enable Products, we see a need for change, a new way to wash up.

30$ for a box of 2 full sets!

washing has never felt this good!

Ergonomically designed and multiple textures makes this a brush that feels good no matter your hand size.

finally a product you want to keep out!

With a stainless steel finish and multiple brush colors, this is a sink attachment that you do not mind leaving out for all to see (and use!).

your hand has never been so clean!

With lathering bumps and deep-cleaning bristles, this product was designed to scrub even the toughest dirt away.

executive team

Nicholas Walker

Chief Operating Officer

Mukul Shekhar

Chief Strategy Officer

Thomas Mazula

Chief Executive Officer

Kanchi Bhawalkar

Chief Technology Officer

Amy Kamdem

Chief Design Officer