The laundry basket crafted for your needs

Price: $39
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Meet Kurv


Transport your basket on the floor or the stairs. Kurv can carry your laundry wherever you want to go.


Reach down to the bottom of your basket with Kurv’s curved front. Pick up that last sock with ease.


Put your basket on display with Kurv’s modern design and sleek side pattern that doubles as air ventilation for your clothes.


Store multiple loads of laundry with Kurv’s sturdy form. You can wait that extra week to do your laundry.


  • Tri-Wheels

    Kurv’s unique wheel mechanism allows for easy transport up and down stairs. Gone are the days of lifting heavy baskets long distances to do your laundry.

  • Multipurpose Pockets

    Dual pockets on both sides carry your detergent, dryer sheets, money, keys, etc. Leave laundry soaps in the pockets and never forget them again.

  • Hanger Support

    Thoughtfully designed mechanism to hold hangers in place while you put on shirts with just one hand.

  • Collapsible Handle

    Pull it out when you need to transport your Kurv. Push it inside when you are ready to store.

The Team Behind Kurv

Teo Willard

Product Designer

Abhilash Rao

Product Engineer

Pratik Mall

UX Designer

Mayank Khanna

UX Designer

Emily Drescher

Product Manager