Lyra is a configurable lighting product which aims to adapt to a user’s living space and lighting needs while providing a solution that is both decorative and interactive.



Multiple Configurations

The embedded magnets inside each Lyra allow you to configure any shape you desire. This allows for a truly tailored and interactive lighting experience.

Portable Design

Since Lyra is wireless you can easily move around the modules, work with Lyra on a desk or attach Lyra to the wall.

Easy to Readhere to the Wall

Lyra comes with adhesive pads that allow you to easily adhere and re-adhere Lyra to almost any wall surface without damaging the wall.

Voice Activated

Lyra is powered by voice activation and is integrated with Google Home. Just say “ Hey Google….” to change settings like power, light intensity and color.

Custom Lighting

With natural to cool lighting, Lyra is perfect for almost all of your activities. It can be used for any task and adapts to your needs. Lyra is powerful enough to be used as a primary lighting source, but is also flexible to be used for simple tasks like evening reading.


Meet the Team

Sophie Amberkar

School of Information

Zahraa Bazzi

College of Engineering

Blake Bellistri

Stamps School of Art and Design

Janet Cheng

School of Information

Kartik Gupta

Ross School of Business

Anita Jiang

School of Information