A smart sleep mask that helps you escape life's chaos and wake up energized

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We get it. Life is stressful.

When you’re zipping from point A to B, you do not want to be distracted by the chaos of your noisy environment.

Busy people deserve to feel energized and refreshed while on the go. And they want to look good while doing so.

That’s why we created the Cocoon.


No one knows you better than you.

That’s why we’ve created a number of features to help you power down and power up the way you see best - creating a fully customizable relaxation experience.



Eliminate sleep interrupting light to promote droziness.


Relax to the soothing sounds of music or meditation tracks.


Remove yourself from the hustle and bustle of your environment.



Wake up gently to light simulation that imitates the sunrise.


Rest assured knowing cocoon will keep you on schedule.


Simply remove the mask to disable wake-up features.


Dawn Simulation
Wake up gradually to soothing light instead of the harshness of a blaring audio alarm. Cocoon contains 32-bit full-color LED lights programmed to emulate the color changing serenity of the rising sun.

Easy to Clean Fabric
The internal components of cocoon are easily removed and cleaned, ensuring you a fresh feel when you want it.

Environmental Isolation
Crafted from cushioning foam and premium microfiber fabrics, not only is cocoon the ultimate in comfort, but it eliminates light and isolates ambient noise to help the user retreat into a relaxing environment.

Bluetooth Integration
Control cocoon via the dedicated smartphone application to configure the device, set alarms, and play inbuilt music to relax your mind and body

All managed through one app

An easy to use app allows you to take full control over your sleep experience.

Set alarms in any combination of three ways: dawn imitation, pulse vibration, or audio.

Listen to carefully curated audio tracks to aid relaxation such as white noise, rainstorm, and ocean waves

Sync your personal audio collection or favorite streaming service to listen to music, podcasts, or meditation tracks

Our Research

Don’t take our word for it - take theirs.

Our dawn imitation feature is backed by some serious research showing its many benefits for improving quality of life.

Dawn Simulation has proven benefits for reducing the impact of seasonal affective disorder1. Studies have shown that dawn simulation may be beneficial for people with changes in circardian rhythm or disorders2. Dawn simulation may also protect against early morning adverse cardiovascular events3.

1. Danilenko KV, Ivanova IA. Dawn simulation vs. bright light in seasonal affective disorder: Treatment effects and subjective preference. J Affect Disord. 2015;180:87-89.
2. Leppamaki S, Meesters Y, Haukka J, et al. Effect of simulated dawn on quality of sleep—a community-based trial. BMC Psychiatry. 2003;3:14.
3. Viola AU, Gabel V, Chellappa SL, et al. Dawn simulation light: a potential cardiac events protector. Sleep Med. 2015;16:457-461.

Meet the Team

We are a team of engineers, designers, and entrepreneurs with a shared vision.
We believe sleep is more than the time between closing your eyes and the jarring awakening of an alarm. Sleep is an experience. Allow us to help you improve your sleep experience.

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    Busy Builder
  • Adi Pradhan
    Professional Napper
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    Million Miler
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