Ways to wear it

Location Tracking

Active GPS tracking so that your friends know where you are and you can retrace your steps from the night before.


On loss of bluetooth connectivity SoSafe vibrates to let you know you are not with your phone and your phone sends its location to your friends.

Multi-Level Alert

Soft Alert for letting your friends know you could use their support.
Hard Alert for letting your support network and others know that you need help immediately.

Optional Features

Auto Trigger for when you pass out and it sends your location to your friends.
Siren Alarm to confuse your attacker.
Customizable Messages send the alert you want to different people on your network (parents vs best friend).


The battery will last more than 24 hours and recharges with a common micro USB chord.


SoSafe packs a big punch for such a small package. We were able to fit a movement sensor and emergency siren, along with all the necessary tools to connect to your phone and power the device into 8mm by 54mm by 16mm, about the size of a common USB drive.


The clip design allows attachment to nearly any piece of clothing and the included carabiner makes an excellent place to put your keys. The low-power bluetooth ensures a secure connection to your phone without killing the battery, and the unique design ensure an alert will only be sent when you knowingly trigger it.

Sensors & Components

Parts breakdown as per the image color coding:
Orange: Emergency Audio Alarm
Green: CPU
Pink: Movement Detection
Dark Blue: Bluetooth
Light Blue: Button
Red: Rechargable Battery

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