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The smart bike lock of the future uses wearable technology

Smart bike lock


The Scorpion system combines the security of a durable bike lock with the convenience of wearable technology. The sleek solution allows commuters and recreational riders to unlock their bikes using a versatile RFID sticker key.

No more rusted or jammed keys. No more losing your key or leaving it at home. It's time for you to have an ultra fast method of locking your bike. Simply place the Scorpion sticker anywhere, press the lock's button, and you're on your way.

Scorpion Bike lock


Walk up to the lock wearing your Scorpion sticker and all you have to do is press the lock's button to unlock your bike. It's that easy.

Scorpion Bike lock


Reinforced by five incredibly strong stainless steel cables that work together to protect your bike from theft.

Scorpion Bike lock


Place the sticker on the back of your phone or watch, wear it on your helmet or stick it to your wallet. You can put your Scorpion sticker anywhere!

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