Your personal stress management wristband
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"Be stil, be you."
Mindfulness. Focus. Performance.

STIL improves users’ mindfulness, focus, and performance. Designed for both mild anxiety sufferers and everyday stress management, STIL is a simple solution.

How it works

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Simple Design + Cutting-Edge Behavioral Modification Technology

  • Precise measurement of your body’s own stress indicators
  • Adaptive artificial intelligence algorithms improve Stil’s performance over time
  • Stress-activated alerts short circuit your stress cycle with guided meditations
  • You control how Stil guides you through your exercises—whether through light-based visual guidance or calming pulses that focus your breathing
  • Discreet design with single-button control for all functionality
  • Historic data allows you to learn about your own stress behaviors

Meet the team

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Katie Redman

Project Operations Manager

Scott Mathews

Product Marketing Manager

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Maker and Product Design Lead

Quiet ocean

Hardware Interface Design Lead

The mist

VP of Design

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Lead Front-end Developer

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Lead UX Designer

Our mission:

To change how we react to stress at a global scale, one user at a time.

We believe that simple solutions are best and time-tested, meditative breathing is a scalable, powerful tool that will improve the wellness, focus, and performance of each one of us.